With schools closed, learning continues through mass communication and internet-based resources. GettyImages

Online schools have become quite popular in recent years. Parents often decide to organize online education for their children since it has many advantages over the land-based school system.

The good sides of online schooling include less distraction, teachers who can focus on one child at a time, fewer expenses, and more. However, since this system is still relatively new, some children might struggle to adjust and get the best out of it.

Still, there are some things you, as a parent, can do to help your child succeed in a virtual school. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Provide Appropriate Learning Environment

If you want your child to be able to follow the lessons and properly study the assigned material, make sure that you provide an appropriate learning environment. In other words, it would be best if the child had their own room from which they could take online classes.

In case your child doesn’t have a separate room for studying, and you insist on online schooling, you’ll have to make some other space available for them and avoid entering that room during the lessons.

Eliminate Distractions

The room from which the child takes lessons should be free from distractions. The best option is a room without a TV, but in case that’s impossible, you can take the remote control to another room.

Since the child probably owns a smartphone, you should take their phone away during the lessons so that they can concentrate on what matters in the virtual classroom.

Set a Good Example

Experts claim that children don’t pay much attention to our words, but monitor and copy our behavior. Therefore, try to teach your child about responsibility and discipline by practicing those virtues yourself.

If you work from home, this will be easy. Simply treat your job in a way you would like your child to treat online lessons. Don’t allow yourself any distractions while you’re working and set the time during which you won’t be available for any other activities.

If you work at a traditional land-based company, you can use some other activities to show your child that some things have to be done even when we don’t feel like doing them.

Talk to Your Child

Last but not least, talk to your child. However, don’t let the conversation turn into a monolog. Ask the child open questions and make sure that you listen to their answers. Try to explain the benefits of online schooling and the reasons why education is important.

If the child has an idea that could make online schooling easier and more enjoyable for them, give your best to help them turn that idea into reality. Finally, find some ways to motivate the child to study and develop new skills that will be useful for them in the future. And remember — they must willingly take part in online classes in order to get the best results.


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