HTC Wildfire E Lite
HTC Wildfire E Lite

The new affordable HTC Wildfire E Lite smartphone deceptively looks like any other budget handset, but it packs features only associated with high-end mobile phones. 


This smartphone brand had disappeared from the local market for some time. It is now back in South Africa intending to recapture the interests of former and new customers.


HTC smartphones are back on the market courtesy of an ICT firm, Evercomm, which obtained the exclusive rights to relaunch the phone brand in South Africa.


The HTC Wildfire is an affordable smartphone that performs as well as, if not better, than many other expensive mobile phone brands.


Retailing at R1,599 on prepaid, the new HTC Wildfire E Lite smartphone runs on an octa-core processor that has a clock speed of up to 1.8Ghz. 


This budget smartphone delivers an extraordinarily smooth experience when listening to music, playing games, or watching videos.


My son, who likes gaming and watching videos on Tik Tok or YouTube enjoyed using the HTC Wildfire E Lite.


He downloaded a Minecraft Pocket Edition and was happy with the speed of

HTC Wildfire E Lite
HTC Wildfire E Lite



I had a look at the effects of the download. The HTC Wildfire E Lite was reflecting a reading in frames per second (FSP) of 49 and a low 30, which I thought was exceptionally good, even for my son.


FSP is used to measure frame rate – the number of consecutive full-screen images that are displayed each second. 


It is a standard specification used in video capture and playback and is also used to measure video game performance.


On average, the human eye can process 12 separate images per second. 


This means a frame rate of 12 FPS can display motion but will appear choppy. Once the frame rate exceeds 12 FPS, the frames appear less discrete and start to blur together. 


A frame rate of 24 FPS is commonly used for the film since it creates a smooth appearance. 


Many video cameras are recorded in 30 or 60 FPS, which provides even smoother motion. 


For more read: What is FSP?


My son was happy with the HTC Wildfire E Lite because it delivers high-quality videos on YouTube and Tik Tok.


He was only disappointed that his favourite game Fortnite could not be downloaded on the HTC Wildfire E Lite. 


That said, my son was thrilled that YouTube was playing without any glitches.


HTC Wildfire E Lite
HTC Wildfire E Lite

My tech-savvy boy was ecstatic that he could unlock the HTC Wildfire E Lite using the rear-fingerprint sensor or face recognition. 


Security is an important feature on this phone, especially when playing games.


The smartphone also boasts an intelligent dual rear camera.


The company producing this cool handset says the camera was crafted to deliver clear, richly detailed expert quality photographs. It provides the best-in-class ultra-speed autofocus, DSLR-like Bokeh, and HDR performance,


The camera enables users to record incredible details of moving subjects and instantly capture memorable moments. Users can enjoy the most potent imaging experiences.


The handset has a 3000mAh battery capacity that lasts for a day.


The phone is also LTE compatible.


HTC Wildfire E
HTC Wildfire E

We took a few pictures using the smartphone and were amazed by the magical quality of the images.


Watch this space because Evercomm is preparing an exciting launch of the new HTC Wildfire E Lite in South Africa.


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