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Digital commerce is an expanding market also in Africa, so much so that the 8 billion dollars of business calculated in 2014 could reach 75 billion in 2025, according to the consulting firm McKinsey. But these figures are still very far from compared to the volume of global e-commerce. Thus, while intra-African trade stagnates at 18% of the continent’s total trade and Africa’s share of world trade does not exceed 3%, the African Union considers digital trade as the ideal solution for development. But the challenges are many.

Africa still has a low Internet penetration rate, which varies from less than 20% to over 60% depending on the country. The same goes for electricity. Blackouts and long periods without electricity in some countries prevent the full exploitation of technologies.

However, South Africa has a relatively higher level of Internet penetration compared to neighbouring countries, even compared to western African countries which are relatively more popular in the international world such as Nigeria and Ghana. This relatively higher Internet penetration is ultimately changing how South Africans shop. Now more and more South Africans are choosing to shop online, creating opportunities for global e-commerce sites to operate there. One of them is UBUY!

UBUY is a popular e-commerce site operating for the South African region. There are various kinds of products offered through this e-commerce platform; clothing, electronics, household items, school supplies, camping equipment, and much more. At first glance this platform is similar to similar platforms but this has certain advantages. That’s why UBUY is considered by many to be the best international online shopping website.

Initially, the platform was started in Kuwait but today, no less than 50 countries have penetrated UBUY, indicating that it is an e-commerce platform with the fastest-growing. With its wide network, any buyer can buy overseas easily (through the UBUY network in the country they buy from). Even South African buyers can easily buy items in Hong Kong for example and the items will be shipped to their country. The platform allows South African buyers to get goods at a much lower price than when they bought in their country.

Why is UBUY reliable?

UBUY is reliable because it is a registered e-commerce site. Not only that, it also has branches in many countries, something that is not possible for an illegal site to achieve. UBUY, especially UBUY South Africa, is also proven to be able to provide goods at a much cheaper price than when buyers buy in the local South African market. There are some shortcomings but they are not too significant for example delays in delivery related to the geographical position of South Africa. Or the fact that not all goods can be shipped to that country. But one thing is certain, just like Amazon, UBUY provides an online solution for buyers looking for cheaper prices as well as sellers who want a hefty difference in price when they resell.

Ultimately UBUY is a platform that bridges buyers and sellers, in this case South African buyers and global sellers. With its rapid development it can be concluded that it is worth relying on. Need more info about UBUY? You can read this UBUY South Africa Review.




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