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Yesterday Mybroadband reported that R219 million was paid to three top executives at struggling Cell C.

We note with amusement that this is the same story TechFinancials published three years ago.

Original story: R219 Million Paid To Three Top Execs At Cell C in 2017

Yesterday’s Mybroadband story did not make any reference to TechFinancials. Here is their story: Cell C execs paid R219 million while the company burned

For more read: Cell C CEO Got A Chunk Of R219 Million Payout, No bonus For Workers and Cell C Move To Terminate Franchisees Stores Backfires

However, Financial Mail on the 27 September 2018 followed up on the TechFinancials story.

Rob Rose, the editor of Financial Mail, wrote at the time: “There are some distinctly unhappy staff at Cell C’s swish headquarters in Midrand who are fuming over disturbingly lavish payments made to CEO Jose dos Santos and his comrades in the executive suite,”

For more read: ROB ROSE: The nerve of Cell C executives

For more of our old exclusive reports on Cell C you can read: Cell C unpacked 

Some say to imitate is to pay genuine compliments. 

We continue to lead and pride ourselves – with good reason – for publishing reliable tech news.



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