used cars
used cars

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, national and international economies have suffered a change in their projections, and since March 2020, nothing has gone as expected. Some branches of the economy suffered a considerable setback, while others, thanks to their characteristics and the economic climate resulting from the pandemic, received a considerable outcome, closing the year with considerable levels of gains, considering what was expected when health policies started to force governments to close down non-essential economic activities.

One of the economic activities that managed to have a fairly solid few months in 2020 is that of digital technologies, which managed to partner with companies and enterprises to disseminate their products and make online sales. In this way, another of the branches was the used car sales industry, which has also benefited from the possibilities offered by technology both to adapt to the sales logic that the pandemic during the worst months allowed, as well as to disseminate the models available through social networks. Technology and used cars worked in tandem, capitalising on the fact that people spent many more hours at home, and that many avoided using public transport, which opened up the possibility of thinking about buying a used car.

If possible, try to test drive several cars, balancing need, opportunity and quality. Therefore, buying a certified used car is one of the best suggestions. Some websites offer the service of verifying the car’s history, such as

In this article we mention some tips and suggestions to keep in mind in case you are considering buying a used car. What are the main issues to take into account in order not to depend neither on the seller, nor on chance. Being able to buy a used car implies not only having basic knowledge about cars, but also involves other issues to take into account.

  • One of the main advantages of a used car is its value. However, that economic aspect has 1 or more former owners of the car behind it, and that is why some marks in the functionality of the car may remain when compared to a new one. For this reason, a test drive on the road and street is suggested. This will give an overview of the vehicle’s behaviour, and will allow it to hear noises if any.
  • Aesthetics are important, because it can lead to later costs. Appearance involves checking the bodywork and the entire interior. On the exterior, look for scratches or any kind of damage. Taking a few minutes specifically for this task is key.
  • Carry out a study of the value of the car to be purchased. Although the prices of used vehicles are low, by carrying out a preliminary study of the model you are interested in, you will be able to tell us if it is a fair price.
  • Another recommendation is a professional technical inspection. Having a reliable mechanic to accompany you on the day of purchase is a very important card to play.

Now, you have useful tips to go with more information to make the enquiry about the quality, price and performance of the used vehicle you are looking for.


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