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Whether you’re in the heart of South Africa or on the complete opposite end of the world right now, you’ve likely considered some form of investment recently. With companies in the South African region seeing rapid growth in the past few years, it’s not a surprise to see people taking an interest in the booming businesses in the area. Of course, this doesn’t just extend to the locals. International investors have been peeking behind the curtains of South African companies, looking for excellent opportunities to profit, and we can safely say they’ve found many.

As expected, there’s always a risk that comes with investing, no matter how well a company is doing. While this might deter many from taking a chance on a great opportunity, it’s good to note that a consistently well-performing company significantly decreases the odds of this happening! There’s never been a better time to test the waters and start a new venture, so dive in and give it a shot. If you’ve got the itch to drop a dime and potentially make some great returns, here are the five best South African stocks you can check out for 2021.

British American Tobacco

While smoking tobacco and cigarettes might not be the healthiest of habits, the industry is on the up and up despite the fact. Among the many great tobacco companies in the South African region, British American Tobacco manages to stand above the rest and offers lucrative opportunities for those willing to invest in it. One important thing to note about the giant is that it’s virtually never had a bad day! British American Tobacco shares haven’t seen a downfall since the very beginning, making them a pretty safe bet.

To top it all off, things have been going even better for the company since it got listed on the JSE. After this day was marked down, the share of British American Tobacco has been rising with no intention of slowing down! Knowing this, it’s easy to see why so many are pointing out that these are among the best shares to buy in the region. The truth in this is undeniable. Not only is British American Tobacco among the best, but it may just be the best as the biggest corporation with the highest market capitalization.

Curro Holdings

Most people don’t usually think of education when it comes to excellent investments, but this one might change their minds. As you might already know, Curro Holdings has several schools across South Africa. The independent network of educational institutions has seen a lot of growth in the last few years, most of it as a result of their excellent operations and management. The share prices for Curro Holdings are on the lower end, making it prime time for an investment in a network that’s on a positive trajectory in a field that’s been gaining lots of attention recently.

Gold Fields Limited

If there’s one thing you can always bank on, it’s gold. Gold Fields Limited has proven to be a powerhouse time and time again. The gold mining giant is practically shielded by the industry that never seems to go out of style. As long as the price of this precious metal keeps rising no matter the adversities, so will the prices of Gold Field Limited shares. As British American Tobacco, Gold Fields Limited is another JSE top performer. Knowing this, along with the information that gold thrives when the economy doesn’t, makes Gold Fields Limited a sought-after investment option.


If you’re looking to invest in something reliable, reputable, and beloved by all locals, then look no further than Grindrod. As one of the longest-standing brands in the South African region, the freight company Grindrod has been a go-to for local investors for years. While there are a couple of reasons for this, some of the biggest ones include the company’s high liquidity rate and cash flow. While the company is considered a pretty safe investment due to its stable income, it’s been seeing some solid revenue growth in recent years that has caught the eye of foreign investors!


Naspers is a company that works around one of everyone’s favorite things – the internet. The internet group has made a lot of headway recently for making bold moves and acting fast on growth opportunities that come their way. Thanks to its great investments in technology and a strong focus on the future of fintech, the company’s yielded great results and reached new highs. As a highly valued and respected company, Naspers has earned the trust of most investors, and its excellent plans for the future are sure to propel it even further when it comes to growth.


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