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If you’re getting into cryptocurrency and buying your very first bitcoin or if you’re an experienced trader looking for the best bitcoin exchange for you can be tough with so many things to consider in terms of liquidity trading volume fees, how safe they are and whether or not the platform is actually supported in your region.

In this article, we’d take you through some of the big money rush that everyone used over the years. And run you through some of the factors that lead them to be part of my top picks. just a word of warning, though, no matter which exchange you use nor how safe it’s reported, you should never keep large amounts of funds stored on there.

It’s always much safer to withdraw your coins back to a secure personal wallet such as a hardware wallet like a ledger or a treasure where you have control over your private keys and, therefore, your funds.


First up finance Binance currently dominates the global exchange space making up a significant portion of crypto trading volume daily. In our opinion, Binance is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges out there, with a strong focus on altcoin trading.

As a regular leader of the cryptocurrency spot exchanges in traffic liquidity and trading volumes on the likes of coin market cap, it shows that people trust the platform and that there will be more competitive prices available.

Binance offers hundreds of trading pairs between different cryptocurrencies. It offers some fiat to crypto pairs; most of its pairs are between cryptocurrencies. You can start by buying crypto with fiat from the site using third-party bank transfers and credit or debit cards.

And they have some of the lowest trading fees of any exchange, starting at 0.1%, which can then be reduced further depending on trading volumes, promotions, or you can get these even lower by using their own coin.

Binance has an exchange, but they have a whole host of financial services, including staking liquidity pools and swaps and derivatives education and their trust wallet.


  • Low fees require on transactions and withdrawals.
  • It offers a vast array of coins.
  • The team has an excellent past in crypto and finance.


  • New platforms require time to gain client trust.

CoinbaseAndCoinbase Pro

Next are Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, which in contrast to Binance, can work out quite expensive in terms of fees; however, Coinbase is very user-friendly, and most people who get into crypto tend to start there.

Especially with sign-up offers such as their ten dollars of free bitcoin, the interface is easy to use and ideal for newbies with their simple buying process.

However, these newbies will soon be aware that Coinbase has some of the highest fees in all the exchanges. They range from 1.49 to 3.99% for trading on Coinbase From 0.5% on CoinbasePro, which has a wider range of tokens and is more aimed at experienced traders.

Coinbase supports customers in over 30 countries, including the united states. Most of Europe, Singapore, Canada, and Australia with some very high volume and liquidity, and their Coinbase earn feature is one of the best ways to get your hands on some free crypto.

You can earn up to 177 dollars in altcoins by taking some quizzes and learning about each crypto. Another thing that makes Coinbase one of the top crypto exchanges is that the platform is very secure while there have been multiple attempts to breach the exchange’s security.


  • User-friendly and trusted platform.
  • Long-time customers.
  • Online wallet with insurance.


  • More work needed when verifying an account.


eToro is a fully regulated, leading global trading platform for cryptocurrencies, commodities, indexes, currencies, and stocks. However, true Bitcoiners may want to think twice before using its services. This exchange Launch in 2007. eToro is a trading company that emphasizes cryptocurrency, and to date, boasts over 7 million users worldwide.

eToro offers several products. The first,, is a trading platform for investing in cryptocurrencies. Overall, eToro does a great job allowing people to trade cryptocurrencies with ease and confidence while leaving a bit to be desired regarding fees and control over funds.


  • Increased liquidity allows for easier entries and exits.
  • It provides increased security.


  • Currently offers 14 cryptocurrencies.
  • You don’t own the underlying asset.


This listing has to be used as a guide to picking the best bitcoin exchange. Make sure to study our opinions on every exchange and in the end make your very own decision. All exchanges have their pros and cons, and also you have to make sure that the exchange you pick is appropriate for you.


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