Huawei Women Developers
Huawei Women Developers

Huawei has officially launched its Huawei Women Developers (HWD) program, which aims to empower women developers to create applications and tools that can change the world.

The program is intended to encourage more women to join in technological innovation by providing participants with more opportunities and platforms for career development and skills training. Any woman developer from around the world can register to join the program on the Huawei Developers official website.

Huawei states in the announcement that, in the digital era, more opportunities and support must be given to women to ensure they have access to the education and training that they need, to be fundamentally competitive in the digital economy.

 “We believe that women will lead technological innovation. We hope that the Huawei Women Developers program will help women better leverage their talents and unique value, and give them opportunities to demonstrate their leadership abilities. This will help make our world a better place,” Huawei Senior Vice President Chen Lifang said.

The Huawei Women Developers program is the newest initiative that Huawei has taken as part of its commitment to promoting gender equality. Through its existing Shining-Star program, Huawei also offers women developers special incentives to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants from this program who develop outstanding projects with big potential will have the opportunity to be featured in future campaigns and invited to other official Huawei events.

Huawei Celebrates African women in tech for International Women’s Day

To further celebrate women across South Africa and Africa on International Women’s Day, Huawei Mobile Services SA has curated dedicated content categories across some of its platforms. They started by speaking to several influential women in Africa involved in the tech space, or who significantly use tech in their business activities, including former Miss South Africa and current entrepreneur Jo-Ann Strauss, and tech entrepreneurs Matsi Modise and Keturah King. Their stories can be found in Huawei AppGallery by clicking here from your smartphone.

Huawei Music also created a Women in Leadership playlist, featuring songs from high-profile female artists, which can be accessed by clicking here from your smartphone. Huawei Themes threw a 95% off everything sale for International Women’s Day only, while Huawei Video, hosted a livestream event around empowered women, which you can access by clicking here from your smartphone.

To date, Huawei has successfully launched similar digital skill training programs for women in many countries including Ireland, Argentina, Bangladesh, Kenya, and South Africa.


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