Avo super app

Nedbank through its super app Avo is now allowing users to shop from digital malls.

“Avo by Nedbank is bringing digital malls to the South African market with Sandton City being the first to launch,” said the bank.

It added that this creates an immersive ‘mall’ experience in the palm of your hand.

The digital mall is a first for any digital platform on the continent, opening up a luxury shopping experience across borders.

Avo’s Click and Collect lounge feature lets users shop items from multiple stores in Sandton City, pay for goods on the app, and gives them the choice between home delivery or collection from the Avo lounge lockers at Sandton City.

“We aspire to enable our app users to do life differently,” says Vishal Maharaj, a founding member of Avo.

“The concept of a digital mall is broad and includes everything from gaming, clothing and groceries to tech, gadgets and home décor. Our insights show that people across Africa are willing to travel to shop, with Sandton City being a preferred destination.”

He said the company has onboarded more than 30 stores to date, and more are on the way.

“Avo is also open to any individual or business that would like to use the platform whether or not they are Nedbank clients,” he says.

The Avo super app was first launched in June 2020, offering Nedbank customers and broader South African consumers access to online shopping, essential services and financial products on a single platform.

Using a platform ecosystem, Nedbank configured a digital solution in the form of Avo to deliver comprehensive value propositions and enhanced personally tailored experiences that customers need in a changing world.

The bank realised an opportunity and a responsibility to do far more for customers by moving their service offering beyond traditional banking and financial services.

The Avo super app was created to bring customers and businesses together, accurately matching customers’ lifestyle needs to product and service offerings through powerful artificial intelligence, safe and secure mobile payments, and bank-grade security.

“Over the last few months, we have seen huge growth on our digital platform, and we are fast approaching the milestone of 200 000 downloads,” says Maharaj.

Avo is also increasingly attracting a significant number of merchants.

“For individual users, we have introduced a get-it-on-credit’ option, underpinned by Nedbank Personal Loans, setting new standards in terms of record-breaking discounts and bundled prizes of the best in tech and the biggest brands,” he says.

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