Godfrey Motsa
MTN SA CEO_Godfrey Motsa

New research from credible network speed-testing services has put MTN ahead of rival Vodacom in terms of the speed available on their respective networks.

The reports from Ookla reveals MTN was the fastest mobile operator among top providers in South Africa in Q1 2021 with a Speed Score of 54.38 on modern chipsets.

MTN also came up tops in the highest 4G Availability in the country with 90.5%.

“Examining the percentage of an operator’s known locations where a device has access to 4G LTE service, we found that MTN had the best 4G Availability in South Africa during Q1 2021 at 90.5%,” said Ookla.

“We have continued to maximise on the opportunity created by the increased spectrum, to expand and enhance our world-class network, we’ve been able to bring more people online and we have been able to reduce prices,” says MTN SA CEO, Godfrey Motsa.

MTN SA continues to deliver and sustain the best network quality in SA on both customer and
independent measures. It has been endorsed as the best network by MyBroadband, Tutela,
Open Signal and P3 for more than three years in a row.

“We are honoured as MTN to witness the continued growth in our network quality, and overall network performance. We have managed to constantly widen the gap between ourselves and our competitors to give our customers a superior experience,” says MTN SA Chief Technology and Information Officer, Giovanni Chiarelli.


“MTN’s teams of technicians and engineers have not only maintained our network experience but also improved it, despite huge shifting demands on data usage during the pandemic, along with operational challenges due to load shedding and theft,” says Chiarelli.


“We will continue to put our customer’s first by maintaining the high standards we have set for ourselves.”



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