By the end of the year, Google is bringing its Android Automotive operating system to more than ten car models from Volvo, General Motors and Renault. The Android Automotive operating system is an Android-based infotainment system that is built into vehicles. The car’s system is a stand-alone Android device that is optimised for driving.

Google said in a statement that with the Android Automotive operating system, the entire infotainment system is powered by Android, and users can access Google Assistant, Google Maps, and more apps from Google Play directly from the car screen without relying on a phone.

See a sneak peek of this customised experience in the new GMC HUMMER EV below:


Google also announced it is extending its  Android for Cars App Library available as part of Jetpack to support the Android Automotive operating system. The search giant said this would enable developers of navigation, EV charging and parking apps to bring their apps to Android Auto compatible cars.

Many of these developers have already published their Android Auto apps to the Play Store.

“We’re now extending this library also to support Android Automotive OS, making it easy for you to build once and generate apps that are compatible with both platforms,” Mickey Kataria, Director of Product Management, wrote in the company’s blog.

“We’re already working with Early Access Partners — including Parkwhiz, Plugshare, Sygic, ChargePoint, Flitsmeister, SpotHero and others — to bring apps in these categories to cars powered by Android Automotive OS.”

Google plan to expand to more app categories in the future, so if you’re interested in joining its Early Access Program, you will have to fill out this interest form.

You can also get started with the Android for Cars App Library today, by visiting Lastly, you can always get help from the developer community at Stack Overflow using the android-automotive and android-auto tags.

Google also provided an update on Android Auto.

Android Auto, which allows users to connect their phone to their car display, now has over 100 million compatible cars on the road and is supported by nearly every major car manufacturer.

“Porsche is our newest partner and they will begin shipping Android Auto on new cars, starting this summer with the Porsche 911,” said Kataria.

“We’ve been working closely with car manufacturers to build an even better Android Auto experience by enabling wireless projection in more vehicles, extending availability to more countries, and continuing to launch new features, like integration into the instrument cluster.”

To see some of the newest Android Auto technology in the BMW iX, check out the video below:


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