Telkom Launches Huawei Wi-Fi 6 Router

AX3 router

Today, Telkom launches the new Huawei Wi-Fi AX3 Dual Core. This is one of the revolutionary Wi-Fi routers in the range and this next generation router comes with remarkable download speed, lower latency network connection and reduced power consumption by 30%.

Unlike traditional routers, you can connect a multitude of devices to AX3 or Wi-Fi 6 with greater efficiency.

Wi-Fi 5 is the standard used by most devices today, while Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) is the new standard that is gradually coming into smart devices in recent years. Wi-Fi 6 has made several improvements over Wi-Fi 5 to cope with the increasing demand for faster and more efficient Wi-Fi.

Wifi _Router _Diagram

Qualifying customers include; new and existing Telkom Mobile and Telkom Business subscribers, as well as prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

With the use of clever engineering, the Wi-Fi allows for balanced connectivity in your home or office and efficiently supports concurrent devices.

Key device features:


The following deals will be available from 21 May 2021.

The Huawei Wi-Fi AX3 Dual Core router is bundled with a free Huawei Power bank from Telkom, while stocks last.


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