PnP Mobile
PnP Mobile

PnP Mobile, which was launched last November, is introducing 1G of data for R20 less at R79 with a 12-month data expiry term. The offer is available to purchase until 11 July 2021.

PnP Mobile customers also qualify to earn free data rewards each month when linking their Smart Shopper card to their SIM. A tiered rewards system for Smart Shoppers enables them to earn up to 2.5GB in free data rewards each month.

In addition, Smart Shoppers earn loyalty points when purchasing PnP Mobile service products.

Smart Shoppers will earn data rewards in addition to loyalty points when shopping at any Pick n Pay store countrywide. This includes Express, Clothing, and Liquor stores.

For every R10 spent in store, customers will instantly earn 5MB in data. To qualify for this reward, customers will need to link their Smart Shopper card and top up their PnP Mobile SIM card with at least R50 over a 30-day period.

TymeBank Partnership


PnP Mobile customers can now RICA their SIM cards through a completely paperless process.

“Pick n Pay and our partners, TymeBank, are making it possible for our PnP Mobile customers to enjoy a completely simplified mobile SIM card purchase and registration process. They will no longer need a physical copy of their residential address or identity document to complete registration,” says John Bradshaw, retail executive: Omnichannel at Pick n Pay.

PnP Mobile uses MTN’s mobile network infrastructure to offer customers prepaid, SIM-based access to services including airtime, data, and SMS.

The paperless RICA process is completed by using a TymeBank kiosk, available at 500 Pick n Pay stores across the country. Registration is completed in five easy steps:

      1. purchase a SIM card
      2. scan or type in SIM barcode
      3. enter ID number and an alternative cellphone number
      4. select a residential address in the system
      5. scan fingerprint

South Africa’s Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act (RICA) helps prevent anyone from using a cellphone for criminal activity. All cellphone SIM cards are registered with the user’s personal details.

Since launching PnP Mobile in November last year, there has been steady uptake by customers signing up to purchase SIM-based access to services including airtime, data, and SMS, and the number continues growing.

“Customers have realised that our mobile service is very competitive and offers great value for money. Mobile products are essential for every South African, with many people including it in their monthly grocery shop, so it’s important for us to continue finding ways to offer convenience and great deals,” says Bradshaw.


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