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Tesla Bots

Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot Raises Serious Concerns – But Probably Not The Ones You...

Elon Musk announced a humanoid robot designed to help with those repetitive, boring tasks people hate doing. Musk suggested it could run to the...
Lucid Air

Meet Tesla Rival Lucid Motors with Tech Such As Voice Assistant Alexa

Lucid Motors, a Saudi-backed electric vehicle startup, has revealed the in-cabin technology of its all-electric Lucid Air sedan. The sedan was unveiled eight months...

It’ll take more than tech for Elon Musk to pull off audacious new Tesla...

Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla Motors – has just revealed the second part of his master plan for the company. And it’s a...

Should Tesla’s autopilot cars be allowed on public roads following accidents?

Humans are terrible at driving. The US Department of Transport estimates that 94% of crashes are due to the driver. By Toby Walsh We drive too...

The winners and losers in Tesla’s battery plan for the home

By Craig Froome Tesla’s plans to use its new battery storage system to power homes will provide households with more opportunities to reduce bills. But...

What Is The Metaverse? A High-Tech Plan To Facebookify The World

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the tech giant will shift from being a social media company to becoming “a metaverse company”, functioning...

Flock Raises R248 Million To Reinvent Insurance For Connected Vehicles

InsurTech firm Flock announced on Thursday it has raised $17 million or R248 million to reinvent insurance for connected vehicles. The InsurTech firm will...

Is The Crypto Market Finally Back On Track?

With many crypto investors jealously watching on as gold and equity investors' assets keep climbing to greater levels, is it possible that cryptocurrencies have...

Carbon is Our Enemy: Let’s Use Everything We’ve Got to Fight It

I love electrified vehicles. I love them not only because I’ve worked on their development for decades, but because I’ve been deeply concerned about...

What Are Some of The Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms in the UK?

Bitcoin trading has never been more popular. The reason for that is because Bitcoin is reaching heights that nobody could’ve ever predicted. After the...