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Visa launches Innovation Bootcamp in Africa

The Visa Bootcamp’s intensive content is designed to fuel all early-stage FinTech companies.

Vodacom Intro Uncapped Fibre Price Plans

Vodacom has also signed wholesale agreements with another two third-party network infrastructure providers - SADV and Metrofibre Networx.

Three ways Facebook could reduce fake news

If the site is increasingly where people are getting their news, what could the company do without taking up the mantle of being a final arbiter of truth?

New Money for Businesses: How to Access up to R100 million

Established businesses will now, for the first time, also be able to access institutional funds, which have previously been reserved for corporates via the corporate bond market. Corporate and established businesses can apply for funding up to R100m.

Is Your Information Secure In The Run-up to the Annual Christmas e-commerce rush

In the run-up to the annual Christmas e-commerce rush, Cull said ISPA was issuing a call to its members to brainstorm ways for the industry to collaborate more closely on how network security incidents could be turned into learning opportunities

Can South Africans be friends across ‘racial’ boundaries? Yes and no.

Young black South Africans have been raised to believe that friendship across the races is an indicator of progress. Now, a generation into democracy, they are questioning this

Forget Silicon Valley, Finland’s Slush is a celebration of Europe’s tech ascendancy

European technology and more generally, technology outside of the US has now broken the mould of trying to be the next “silicon valley” and created its own identity and momentum.

Unfaithfully yours: what happens when virtual reality affairs get real?

If you find your partner having a virtual relationship with someone else – or with a computer-generated individual – is that the same as adultery?

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