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Thurgood Mashiane


Why Is Apache Kafka Important to Customer Management?

Apache Kafka is a messaging system that when integrated into a real-time analysis infrastructure serves as the foundation for high-business value applications. Such integration results...

Are Blockchains Optimizing Payments or Disrupting Them?

Blockchains are sequences of data recorded from cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and Facebook’s Libra are immutable and highly secured. The technology used to...

Major Industries That will be Affected the Most by Blockchain Tech

Popular for its use in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology is fast gaining ground in many other domains. Technology has proved to be a game-changer, especially...

What to Consider in Online Sports Betting

Sports betting keeps rising by the day, as more and more people realize the potential of making money. Unfortunately, some people think betting is...

Tech Tools Every Startup Will Require

It doesn't matter if you own food, cloth, or a service based business; you will need tech tools. Now that things have majorly shifted...

Online Fast and Prompt Profit Generation App

Download one of the best-recommended software of online trading with Bitcoin which have user-friendly plans to show you intellectual skills and to match with...

Virtual Reality’s Potential in Africa, and Beyond

It wasn’t very long ago that the concept of virtual reality was about as foreign as a science fiction novel. Even people who had...

How to get the most of a soccer today results service

Soccer statistics websites are very powerful betting assistants. The user can not only view the statistics of teams but also follow the matches in...

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