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Israeli Data Automotive Firm Otonomo to List On Nasdaq

Israeli automotive data firm Otonomo announced on Monday it is to list on Nasdaq through a business combination with Software Acquisition Group Inc. II. The...

Microsoft Invests R29 Billion In GM’s Driverless Vehicle Company Cruise

Microsoft has invested in Cruise, General Motors (GM) driverless car unit, pushing the company's valuation to $30 billion (R447 billion). The global tech company...

How Does Wi-Fi Work? An Electrical Engineer Explains

by Bhaskar Krishnamachari Though you can’t see them, radio waves are all around you all the time, carrying information. For most people, some of those...

BMW iX Will Come With The Digital Key Plus With Ultra-Wideband Technology

As one of the pioneers in the use of a smartphone as a digital vehicle key since 2018, BMW is pressing ahead with the...

Connected Workouts Can Help You Get Fit Alongside Virtual Buddies During The Pandemic

by Deborah Feltz, and Karin Pfeiffer Sales of exercise gear and technology-based fitness tools have exploded in the U.S. as people try to maintain their...

China’s Search Giant Baidu Joins The Race To Build An Electric Car

Baidu, the Chinese language Internet search provider,  today announced its plan to establish a company to produce an intelligent electric car. The Internet platform...

Hyundai In Early Stages Talks With Apple To Jointly Develop Self-Driving Electric Cars

Apple is in negotiations with multiple global automakers. Hyundai is one of them and we are in the early stages of talks. Nothing has...

How Apple’s Self-Driving Car Plans Might Transform The Company Itself

What would an Apple-made self-driving car look like? We don’t know yet, but what we do know is that the company has serious plans...

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