Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlists Now Sponsored by Telkom South Africa

Global streaming service Spotify is announcing Telkom South Africa as the first local sponsor of the Discover Weekly playlists for South African users. These sponsorship...
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Forget Mobile-first, Your Customer Is Demanding Mobile-always

It seems abundantly clear that the next step in the evolution of communications should be a bold move towards mobile-always.

Do Banks Need To Become More “Bionic”: Blend Digital Tech & Human Touch?

Bionic Banking is what retail banks must do if they are to meet customer expectations in the digital world.

Can Your Smartphone Be Trusted To Track Your Mental Health?

How we use our smartphone can say a lot about our behaviour. But can such tech be trusted to track our mental health?

It’s time to reclaim the art of communication

We seem prepared to share our opinions on almost any subject today thanks to social media and other mass communication. But who is really listening?

Is the standoff between MTN and Nigeria good for Africa?

With talks to resolve the $3.9 billion fine slapped on MTN by the Nigerian authorities stalled, some pundits are calling on MTN acting executive...

Nhleko on finding a Nigerian compromise

No Nigerian arrangement is permanent unless that which has been arrived at by negotiated compromise. My friend Phehello was stunned when I told him this. He paused...

Airports narcotics detection technology battles determined drug traffickers

By Gugu Lourie For whatever reason airline passengers at airports make mental notes of the people around them. I recently observed a well-dressed 'gentleman' at an...

Is Cell C Sustainable?

by Gugu Lourie Common sense tells me that Cell C cannot survive much longer without being profitable, the more so if it continues to play...

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Startup Plans to Upend South Africa’s Freelance Market

South Africa's gig economy, which is made up of freelance, short-term, and on-demand work, is growing. Since the lockdown was imposed at the end of...

Enjoy a Revitalizing Weekend Away With The Whole Family at Knorhoek

Wide-open spaces are a great place to decompress after months of lockdown, and Knorhoek ticks all the boxes for the perfect country escape. Situated in...

Getting Smart With Gadget Shopping During An Extended Quarantine

Staying quarantined for a prolonged period is the last thing that anyone would want to do. But there’s hardly a choice for people amid...