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Is Your Smartphone Making You Shy?

by Joe Moran During the three years I’ve spent researching and writing about shyness, one of the most common questions people ask is about the relationship...

Uber’s Dismissive Treatment of Employee’s Sexism Claims is all Too Typical

by Elizabeth C. Tippett Uber has suffered a spate of bad publicity in recent days after allegations of harassment and discrimination from a former software engineer. In...

How Marketers Target Poor Illiterate People With Unhealthy Food Ads

by Zandile Mchiza Food advertising strongly influences the eating choices of adults, adolescents and children alike. But TV and magazine adverts often carry misleading health and nutrition...

The Real ‘Digital Opportunity’ in Banking

By Shiona Blundell, head of banking, Africa, Wipro Limited and Gavin Holme, business head, Africa, Wipro Limited   For most of us, banking is a ‘grudge...

Should Cybersecurity be a Human Right?

by Scott Shackelford Having access to the internet is increasingly considered to be an emerging human right. International organizations and national governments have begun to formally...

There are Six Styles of Love. Which one Best Describes You?

by Rachel Grieve Love is a complex and powerful force, one that plays out in a number of emotional, cognitive and social ways. When we love a...

How SA’s SMEs Can Solve the Connectivity Conundrum

By Brian Timperley, the MD of Turrito Networks In 2017, South Africa is expected to spend $10.5bn on information, technology, and communications (ICT). This is...

The Data Behind Dating: Can Data Ever Really Replace Chemistry?

by Sekete Patrick Maphopha, NetApp Africa CTO and Technology Evangelist There are an estimated 1 000 dating sites currently operating in South Africa - some...

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