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Are You Really Anonymous Online? Your Friends on Twitter May Give You Away

by Jessica Su As you browse the internet, online advertisers track nearly every site you visit, amassing a trove of information on your habits and preferences....

The Connected Things: SA’s Battle to Deliver Internet of Things Solutions

by Gugu Lourie The stage to do battle for a connected user is being laid by tech firms - Comsol, Sigfox and Vula Telematix -...

Fake News: The Internet has Turned an Age-old Problem into a New Threat

by Ylva Rodny-Gumede The year 2016 will go down in history as the year in which fake news really took centre stage. It played a decisive...

South African Financial Services Landscape is Set to Change – here’s how

by Dominique Collett, head of AlphaCode, a Rand Merchant Investments club for fintech startup entrepreneurs From digital banks to mobile-payment solutions, technology is set to...

Let’s Face it, First Impressions Count Online

by Megan Willis We live in an age where most of us have an online presence. Many of us have numerous accounts on social and professional...

Trump’s ‘America First’ Pledge has Echoes of Rhodesia’s Racist White Nationalists

by Brooks Marmon Donald Trump’s bleak inauguration speech has attracted attention for, among other things, employing the phrase “America first”. The term was popularised by the famed...

Ford South Africa Failed to Protect its Reputation

by Marietjie Theron-Wepener Ford South Africa has suffered huge damage to its reputation thanks to its poor handling of a crisis involving some of its Kuga...

Uberfying Public Transport in South Africa

by Craig Heckrath, product development manager at Intervate Many of us have experienced the simplicity and convenience of hailing an Uber. It certainly seems like...

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