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A Groundbreaking Designed Car That Drives Like A BMW And Charges Like A Smartphone

A Car For Free Thinkers Embracing Sustainable Drive To Avoid Petrol Stations.

Apps to keep kids thinking and learning even during school holidays

Here's a guide to getting rid of "junk" apps and ensuring your kids develop healthy tech habits both in term time and during the school holidays.

Why do we fall for fake news?

Researcher who has studied online news for 20 years says people fall for fake news because they don't value journalistic sources and consider themselves and their friends as credible news sources.

Protect your privacy during turbulent times: A hacker’s guide to being cyber-safe

People who think like hackers have some really good ideas about how to protect digital privacy during turbulent times. We can learn from them.

Forget Mobile-first, Your Customer Is Demanding Mobile-always

It seems abundantly clear that the next step in the evolution of communications should be a bold move towards mobile-always.

Do Banks Need To Become More “Bionic”: Blend Digital Tech & Human Touch?

Bionic Banking is what retail banks must do if they are to meet customer expectations in the digital world.

Can Your Smartphone Be Trusted To Track Your Mental Health?

How we use our smartphone can say a lot about our behaviour. But can such tech be trusted to track our mental health?

It’s time to reclaim the art of communication

We seem prepared to share our opinions on almost any subject today thanks to social media and other mass communication. But who is really listening?

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