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Bosch Collaborate with Fetch.ai To Launch A Blockchain Network

The EoT team at Bosch Research will deploy a node on the network and assist in testing the first phase of Fetch.ai’s next-generation blockchain with a view to running nodes and applications on the v2.0 main-net after it is launched in March 2021. 

AI Must Not Be Allowed To Replace The Imperfection Of Human Empathy

The ultimate aim of AI, even narrow AI which handles very specific tasks, is to outdo and perfect every human cognitive function.

SA Ranks 56th With a 1 Point Increase in Global Connectivity Index 2020

South Africa is ranked 56th out of 79 countries in the latest Huawei Global Connectivity Index 2020 report. Despite an all-round challenging year, the country...

2021 Trends In Tech: Where To Now After A Year Of Disruption?

2020 was a disruptive year, not only for the global population and businesses but for the tech industry too. As far as our industry...

What Does 5G Mean For Your Business?

Many organisations and industries are seeing a major digital revolution, and with all the data generated it is apparent that existing networks are going...

Aerobotics Hires Top Agronomist To Train AI How To Think About Growing Food

Aerobotics has brought on agricultural industry leader and technical agronomist Liaan Janse van Vuuren to further develop its intelligent tools for increasing and protecting...

Access To AI-Driven Platforms Can Improve Health And Financial Wellness – Cortex Group

The Cortex Group in South Africa says Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven platforms can help transform health and financial wellness for everyone. “There is a magnificent opportunity...

AI Steps In to Save COVID-affected Retailers And Restauranteurs

Eskom's loadshedding, alongside an enduring pandemic, have proven a devastating combination, repeatedly destroying historical data, and demanding an (artificial intelligence) solution to predict the unpredictable. The...

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