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What is Interesting About the New Samsung Galaxy S8

by Staff Writer The Galaxy S8 is being used by Samsung to regain customer trust by redefining what’s possible in safety. The Samsung Galaxy S8 delivered...

The Case of Kenya: Will Technology Deliver a Free and Fair Election?

by John Walubengo Elections present a milestone beyond which countries either strengthen their democratic credentials or become failed states. Often states fail when there are either...

10 FinTech Firms to Watch in 2017 and Beyond

by Staff Writer  Ten of the world’s freshest and most promising financial technology companies are currently showcasing their ingenious innovations to hundreds of banking executives...

Your Brain is Unique – Here’s How it Could be Used as the Ultimate Security Password

by Palaniappan Ramaswamy Biometrics – technology that can recognise individuals based on physical and behavioural traits such as their faces, voices or fingerprints – are becoming...

SA’s LifeQ, Strivv to Develop Wrist Based Body Monitoring Platform

by Staff Writer South Africa’s health informatics firm LifeQ has collaborated with Silicon Valley-based Striiv to develop a high-scale, low-friction & personalised health information platform...

Don’t Post a Peace Sign in Selfies as “Hackers May Steal Your Fingerprints”

Is flashing the “PEACE” sign in selfies or photos posted on social media an easy way to hand over your fingerprints to hackers? U.S President-elect...

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