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Huawei Public Cloud to Open up the World to its Users Like Airlines

Chinese firm Huawei has unveiled its ‘Grow with the Cloud’ strategy. The group wants to partner with telcos around the world to build a cloud...

The Future of Business: Technology-led or Soon-to-be-Dead

By Cameron Beveridge, Director: Cloud, SAP Africa  The future of business is in the cloud. That is the message from global analysts as the latest IT...

Cloud Computing and the Intelligent World

By Vimal J. Naikeny, chief technology officer for Digital & Cloud Business at Huawei Technologies The intelligent world has three defining characteristics: All things are getting digital,...

Telkom Rebrands Telkom Business Connexion into BCX

by Staff Writer South African-based IT group Business Connexion has been rebranded as “BCX” months after it was bought by telecoms giant Telkom. The acquisition...

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