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4IR: ICT and Energy Sectors Equally Crucial

Energy has played an enabling role in each of the past industrial revolutions, and the fourth is no different. But instead of powering factory...

Making Sense of the 5G Investment

by Vino Govender While estimates for global investment into 5G over the next few years vary, one thing is certain: the funds needed to make...

Vodacom Loses ‘CEO in Waiting’

A top executive who joined Vodacom just five years ago is leaving the mobile phone group, TechFinancials has learned. Yolanda Cuba, the Chief Officer of...

Taking the Pulse of the Natural World

By Reshaad Sha, CEO at SqwidNet The rise of the Internet of Things and other mobile technologies offers humanity the opportunity to truly advance their...

Open Access Fibre Infrastructure: Can Help South Africa to Bridge the Digital Divide

There is a consensus that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) hold great promise for development by connecting people to more accurate and up-to-date sources...

Digital Economy: The Internet is a Key Enabler for Economic Access

The internet economy will reach $4.2 trillion in the G20 countries, including South Africa as a member state. If it were a national economy, the...

To Improve Internet Access SA Should Prioritise Rollout of Infrastructure in Underserved Areas

By Staff Writer A country’s capacity to connect its economy to the Internet and to make these services available and accessible to its citizens and...

SqwidNet Poised to Unleash IoT Platform to Deal With South Africa’s Challenges

South Africa’s SqwidNet is fast-tracking the deployment of its open-access Internet of Things (IoT) network infrastructure to enable developers to provide intelligent solutions to...

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