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RMB Says “Fibre Industry is a Great South African Success Story”

In these times of great economic uncertainty, the fibre industry is a great South African success story and proof of how the private sector...

Balwin Properties is Slowly Growing its Fibre Business

JSE-listed property group Balwin is slowly building its fibre business. Balwin is a construction and property group focusing on large scale sectional-title residential estates in...

SA’s DFA Granted Licence to Operate and Build Fibre Network in Zimbabwe

Open-access fibre-connectivity provider DFA has become the first telecommunications provider in 10 years to be granted an operating licence by the Postal and Telecommunication...

Seacom Launches their Fibre Service called WonderNet

Seacom has launched its fibre service, WonderNet which the company believes introduces a new level of customer experience in the home fibre market. WonderNet is...

SA’s Telkom to Upgrade Fibre, DSL Line Speeds for Free

South Africa’s Telkom announced on Monday it is planning to increase line speeds for some customers as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Fibre and...

Keep Calm. You Can Still Connect

As the news stories about service providers switching off their networks continue to dominate the tech headlines, there appears to be panic around what...

Speed Tests Do Not Accurately Indicate Customer Experience

Using a speed test to indicate the likely experience of an Internet customer is like trying to gauge a car’s performance simply by looking...

SA’s Treasury Plan to Boost GDP Calls for Faster Shift to Broadband Services

Mbelieves the state should leverage private-sector expertise in the broadband roll-out, rather than relying exclusively on state-owned companies (SOCs). This was contained in the economic...

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