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Which Province Has The Most Expensive Rental Costs? 

Nowadays we tend to find ourselves complaining about paying more for less. When it comes to renting accommodation, for most of us, this is...

WARNING: New Hijacking Scheme Reported

It's been dubbed the tap tap method because a hijacker will tap the back of your car masking it as an accident.

Top 3 Hijacked Areas and Cars In SA

According to Ctrack’s report, the top hijacked areas and cars that have been released for 2019. Many of us read lists such as this...

How To Claim From The RAF

Ever been in an accident and wanted to claim from the Road Accident Fund but had no idea how? Don’t worry you aren’t the...

5 Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium

Car insurance is one of those dreaded expenses that when it comes off our account at the beginning of the month, we ask ourselves,...

Technology Aids In Insurance Price Drop

It’s all about immediacy in this world we are currently living in. We don’t want to have to spend hours on the phone to...

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