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How Much Should My Car Insurance Premium Increase?

If you’ve received that dreaded email…” Dear Customer, this is your policy update…” you know what’s coming. It’s almost always your insurance premium increasing. We...

What to Look Out for When Buying a Secondhand Car

Why do so many South Africans opt to purchase secondhand cars rather than new cars? It simply comes to price! The price of cars...

What to Do If You Are Being Bribed by a Cop

Sadly, in South Africa being bribed by an officer of the law is a common occurrence. We acknowledge that there are good cops and...

Top 10 Secondhand Cars Purchased During Lockdown

Since new car purchases have taken such a massive knock during the COVID-19 lockdown we have decided to take a look at the used...

Why Do I Pay Excess on My Car Insurance Claim?

There are always so many questions consumers have about their car insurance and things they never fully understand. We have had so many questions...

Cape Town vs. Joburg: Who Is Paying the Bigger Fine? 

Traffic fines are not only inconvenient, but they just feel like a waste of money. What once might have been a R100 traffic fine...

South Africa’s Most Fuel-efficient Car

Would you have believed it if I told you that the most fuel-efficient car in SA is a Renault. WesBank and FNB created the first...

What has COVID-19 Done to The Car Market

There has been an intense decline in the purchasing of new and used cars being financed in Q1 of this year. We all know...

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