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MiWay says Independent Forensic Audit Proves Racist Mail is Fake

By Staff Writer South Africa’s short-term insurer MiWay announced late on Tuesday in a statement that an Independent forensic audit proves that the Racist mail...

MiWay Dismisses Racist Social Media Post as ‘Fake News’

By Staff Writer South Africa’s short-term insurer MiWay has rejected the email screenshot that is circulating on social media calling black clients “baboons”. MiWay said in...

Twitter Reacts to a “Racist” MiWay Email

By Staff Writer After a racial email from an alleged MiWay Claims Administrator, Aarthi Roopnarain, started circulating on WhatsApp platform, Twitter users attacked insurance company...

How Online Hate Infiltrates Social Media and Politics

by Adam G. Klein In late February, the headline of a news commentary website that receives more than 2.8 million monthly visitors announced, “Jews Destroy Another...

Angry Nigerian Media Voices: On Reports of Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa

by Ujuh Correspondent Reports of ‘xenophobic attacks‘ in South Africa against Nigerians and other Africans have caused angry reactions across the continent and mainly in...

Trump’s ‘America First’ Pledge has Echoes of Rhodesia’s Racist White Nationalists

by Brooks Marmon Donald Trump’s bleak inauguration speech has attracted attention for, among other things, employing the phrase “America first”. The term was popularised by the famed...

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