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SA’s Opposition Party DA to Lay Criminal Charges Against SAP and CAD House

  By Staff Writer The Democratic Alliance will lay charges of money laundering and corruption against the South African component of global software giant, SAP, and...

German-based software firm SAP to Investigate Allegations of Gupta Kickbacks

By Staff Writer SAP, German-based software firm, has has initiated an independent investigation spearheaded by a multinational law firm and overseen by executive board member...

German Firm SAP Embroiled in Gupta Scandal   

By Staff Writer    The South African office of the German software giant SAP is believed to have paid the Gupta front about R100 million...

Youth Have Critical Role to Play in Driving Africa’s Digital Economy

By Brett Parker, managing director: SAP Africa With the impending impact of machine learning and robotics on a range of traditional job roles and occupations,...

How Homegrown Innovation is Solving Many of Africa’s Most Pressing Challenges

By Brett Parker, MD at SAP Africa By now, I am convinced that you have heard of M-Pesa, the popular and often-cited mobile banking system...

The Future of Business: Technology-led or Soon-to-be-Dead

By Cameron Beveridge, Director: Cloud, SAP Africa  The future of business is in the cloud. That is the message from global analysts as the latest IT...

Africa Poised to Become Third Global Power

By Brett Parker, SAP Africa MD What a difference a century makes. If we stepped back in time to a hundred years ago we’d find a...

Design Thinking: The X Factor in your Digital Transformation

by Brett Parker, MD at SAP Africa at SAP You may have heard about the sword of Damocles, hanging above its target by a single...

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