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Cars Will Soon be Smart Enough to Make Life-saving Decisions

By Mike Whitfield, MD at Nissan South Africa Autonomous driving technology is developing at a rapid pace. Business Insider publication’s research platform has forecast that there...

Nissan Leaf To Drive Itself In The Future

On January 5, 2017 during his CES keynote Nissan chairman of the board and CEO Carlos Ghosn announced several advancements as part of the...

Audi To Build A Self-Driving Car

German carmaker Audi aims to gain a lead over its rivals, BMW, Ford and Telsa in bringing self-driving cars to its customers. Audi has partnered with...

Finding Trust And Understanding In Autonomous Technologies

In 2016, self-driving cars went mainstream. Uber’s autonomous vehicles became ubiquitous in neighborhoods where I live in Pittsburgh, and briefly in San Francisco. The...

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