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Coronavirus: COVID-19 Minibus Taxi Industry Relief in the Works

As the taxi industry counts the costs of the COVID-19 pandemic, intergovernmental consultations on a Taxi Industry Relief intervention are at an advanced stage. This...

Coronavirus: ANC Councillors ‘Looting” Food Parcels for the Poor

South Africa's municipal councillors are "looting" food parcel meant to be distributed to the poor across the country as millions go hungry because of...

Coronavirus: Andile Ramaphosa’s Project is Helping the Jobless

Andile Ramaphosa, son of President Cyril Ramaphosa, and businessmen Brad Fisher have set up a project to enable micro-suppliers to earn a living during...

Coronavirus: Millions Going Hungry in South Africa Because of Lockdown

South African Food Sovereignty Campaign co-founder Vishwas Satgar told the Sunday Times that their estimates were that the number of "food-stressed people" had doubled...

Coronavirus: South Africa Setting Up Quarantine Sites for COVID-19

In anticipation of additional cases of COVID-19 infections, the South African government is setting up emergency field hospitals and quarantine sites. The country is moving...

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