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Huawei Launches 2021 HMS App Innovation Contest, Apps UP!

Huawei announces much-awaited 2021 App development competition: Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest (Apps UP). Not all superheroes wear capes. Some sit behind a desk conjuring...



Convergence of Telco and FinTech Businesses Can Drive Financial Inclusion In A Tough Economy

New technologies available to telecommunications operators (telcos) and financial service providers (FinTechs) are combining to lead the charge in financial inclusion for large numbers...


Meet Tesla Rival Lucid Motors with Tech Such As Voice Assistant Alexa

Lucid Motors, a Saudi-backed electric vehicle startup, has revealed the in-cabin technology of its all-electric Lucid Air sedan. The sedan was unveiled eight months...
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Boosting Rural Online Learning In A COVID-19 World

The COVID-19 crisis has affected 94% of the world’s student population, as schools and other learning facilities have been forced to close to curb...

How To Beat The Four Top Business Networking and Connectivity Challenges

There are four top connectivity and networking challenges all organisations must overcome in this digital era in pursuit of a better-connected experience. A major challenge...

Five Ways Mobile Technology Is Transforming Online Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for online learning, with UNESCO reporting that one and a half billion students around the world were...

Openserve Continues To Transform Broadband Access In South Africa By Offering Even More Value To The Customer

Five years on, Openserve has become South Africa’s leading network infrastructure provider that is committed to delivering the ultimate broadband experience and offering even...

Why Your Business Needs the MPS Connector™

Over the past few years, the drive to digitise the workforce has been on every business owner’s agenda. The process has been accelerated as...


The First Mobile Phone Call Was 75 Years Ago – What It Takes For Technologies To Go From Breakthrough To Big Time

I have a cellphone built into my watch. People now take this type of technology for granted, but not so long ago it was...

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