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Sun, Oct 17, 2021


UIF Pays Out R63 Billion To Workers

Since the beginning of lockdown last year, the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) has disbursed R63 billion, bringing relief to about 5.4 million workers across...



How Hybrid Work Models Support Cape Town’s Tech Ambitions

Cape Town brings to mind the magnificent mountain, beautiful beaches and Instagram-worthy natural splendour first and foremost. But increasingly the Mother City is establishing...

The Spirit Of Wealth


Jaguar Land Rover Trials World-First Digital Supply Chain For Leather Using Blockchain Technology

Jaguar Land Rover has trialled the use of secure blockchain technology to ensure full transparency within a sustainable leather supply chain. In the world-first, Jaguar...
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Understanding the Flow of Money in Crypto. Part 1 of 3

It’s becoming more difficult by the day to deny that Bitcoin seems set for a meteoric climb back to all-time price highs. A perfect...

Vodacom Launches Remote Office Solutions To Support Team Efficiency And Productivity

Since the start of the pandemic, businesses across sectors have had to navigate remote or hybrid work settings, with a scattered workforce needing to...

Do Your Crypto Assets Really Exist?

A stark reality is dawning on the users and regulators of crypto platforms. While it's true that users legally own any crypto assets and...

The 5th Largest Cryptocurrency: A Lot More Than Just An Exchange Token

Is Binance coin a true contender to overall market dominance? Binance coin is not only a utility token to the world's biggest crypto exchange,...

Mauritius Telecoms Launches Superfast 1 Gbps Broadband Connectivity

Mauritius has entered the gigabit era with Mauritius Telecom’s Internet offer of 1Gbps. This superfast internet connectivity is unrivalled in the Mauritian market. It...


The Most Powerful Space Telescope Ever Built Will Look Back In Time To The Dark Ages Of The Universe

Some have called NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope the “telescope that ate astronomy.” It is the most powerful space telescope ever built and a...

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