Solidarity establishes crisis task team for Telkom’s retrenchments

By Staff Writer

Trade Union Solidarity announced on Wednesday afternoon that it has decided to establish a crisis task team to tackle the major retrenchments at Telkom, which is undergoing massive restructuring.

The task team will include top lawyers of the trade union as well as researchers, counsellors and financial advisors.

Solidarity said it will also launch a four-point plan to form the basis of its fight with Telkom.

Telkom’s plans include reducing its workforce by 4 400 through Voluntary Severance Packages and Voluntary Early Retirement Packages. Earlier this year, 724 employees have already accepted packages.

If this new target is not met, forced retrenchments will follow in July to attain the desired number. Another approximately 3 200 permanent employees will be transferred to other companies.

This is in addition to the 1 170 employees that have already been transferred through section 197 business transfer processes as several business portfolios within the company had already been outsourced.


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