Axxess plans to launch a mobile voice service


Internet service provider Axxess is planning to switch over to its own network and introduce mobile voice service, which is a bundle of voice minutes, SMS, and mobile data on one SIM card. By Gugu Lourie

As part of its efforts to remain competitive and agile to deliver innovative products, Port Elizabeth-based Axxess is planning to switch over to its network to be able to bring more bandwidth to its customers and make internet connection better.

The company revealed its plans on Wednesday in a letter to customers.

“Having our own network, not only give us more control over more aspects of the network, it will also enable us to be more agile and flexible in dealing with issues, including the creation of new services and products,” reads the letter.

Axxess added that its network engineers have been hard at work creating a more unique and responsive network that will enable its users across South Africa to benefit from improved throughput.

The company said it was preparing to switch over to the new network within the next month or two, and assured customers that the switch would be smooth.

Mobile voice

Meanwhile, the company also informed customers that it is planning to launch a new mobile voice service, Axxess Voice.

“This service will allow our clients to have their voice minutes, SMS, and Mobile Data on one SIM. We are still in the early stages of development and are not in a position to reveal pricing, or when and how the new voice products will be structure. However, we can say that it’s going to be an incredible service that is competitively priced,” reads the letter.


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