Finance Minister allocates R1bn to broadband


South Africa’s Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene announced on Wednesday that R1 billion would be allocated to rollout broadband and broadcast digital migration. By Staff Writer

The revised MTEF (medium-term expenditure framework) shifts about R9 billion from within existing baselines to priority programmes, said the ministry.

“About R1 billion will be shifted for the rollout of broadband infrastructure and broadcast digital migration,” said Nene, during tabling in parliament of the medium term budget policy statement on Wednesday.

The statement added that about R4.8 billion is reprioritised for upgrades and maintenance of the national and provincial road networks, R1.4 billion has been identified to support provincial public transport.

“The National Treasury will continue to work with line departments to encourage better alignment of budgets with medium-term strategic framework priorities,” said Nene.

Vodacom sale proceeds

Nene said that government proposed to “use R2 billion from its sale of Vodacom shares for South Africa’s initial capital contribution to the New Development Bank.

He added that the share sale is expected to yield total receipts of R25.4 billion, of which R23 billion has been provided to recapitalise Eskom.


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