Owners of ‘Zuma must fall’ billboard faces prosecution

The large “Zuma must fall” sign erected in Cape Town on Friday morning did not comply with certain regulations and the person responsible would be prosecuted. By Jenna Etheridge, NewsAgency

City spokesperson Priya Reddy said the advert did not comply with the Outdoor Advertising and Signage by-law. It was also erected in contravention of the National Building Regulations and Standards Act.

“An application for the billboard in question was not received by the city. This matter has therefore been handed over for prosecution,” she said.

The large sign hugs one side of an apartment block at the corner of Kloof and Buitensingel streets.

Reddy said the advert covered windows, which was not allowed. Its size was also an issue.

Previous adverts seen in the same space seemed to be made of a special semi-transparent material that allowed an unobstructed view.

Tongues were wagging on Friday as to who erected the billboard. The Democratic Alliance said it was not responsible.

“We know who the individual is,” Reddy said.

“This person has done this before and we prosecuted him before. The day before he was supposed to appear in court, he paid the fine.”

She said his latest offence was being viewed in a very serious light.

Applications for adverts were evaluated against technical requirements of the by-law, such as the size and whether erecting it would constitute a safety hazard.

Reddy said members of the public could complain to the Advertising Standards Authority of SA when they found advertising or marketing material unacceptable.  – News24


  1. Come Monday the Cat Will Out of The Bag. I can’t wait to see who is this big cat with big dollars in their pocket to be so gatvol to challenge Zuma on a billboard and push DA to call for prosecution to defend their integrity.


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