A playground in your pocket: MTN Gamer+

If you join MTN Gamer+ today and also be part of the VIP Club, you will enjoy free data plus awesome games on www.mtngamer.mobi. By Staff Writer

MTN Gamer+ is an online game store optimised for mobile.

The first game played is for free and the next is charged at R2/day or R6/week gaming bundles, which provides adrenaline gamers with data to download free games, as well as discounted rates on paid-for-games.

MTN Gamer has more than 1000 games on its catalogue, which makes it a lovely pocket playground for subscribers.

The platform has games from action to adventure, kids and sport, puzzles and more.

If you join the VIP Club, you receive a one-day free trial experience for unlimited games. After the trial period, you will be charged according to the package selected.

MTN Gamer offers games that range between 2MB to 2GB and only a small part of the game, just under 5MB, is saved in the internal memory of the device. The rest of the game is saved on the SD card.

Subscribers on any network can access the Gamer+ WAP site or download the Gamer+ Application and browse available games that are compatible with their handsets. Zero data rates will apply to the browsing.

A WAP enabled handset with a minimum screen size of 320×240 is required to access the Gamer+ WAP site. The Gamer+ Application is available on Android devices only.

MTN customers who subscribe to the Gamer+ Service will not be charged for data used for searching, browsing and downloading from his/her Gamer+ data bundle.

Only MTN customers can subscribe to be eligible for subscriber benefits.


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