Bokone Bophirima Tour App promotes North West Province as a best place to visit

Investigate and appreciate the beauty of the North West Province, which was recently renamed Bokone Bophirima, in ways never possible before. You can now explore the platinum province through the recently launched Bokone Bophirima Tour App. By Gugu Lourie

This innovative app puts the sights and sounds of the Bokone Bophirima Province tourism, heritage, attractions, arts and culture, at user’s fingertips, with personalized guidance on the go through their smartphones and tables.

The Bokone Bophirima Tour App is aiming to showcase the Bokone Bophirima Province, home to the world renowned The Palace of Lost City Hotel – the epitome of jaw-dropping grandeurs – in Rusternburg, as one of the best tourist destinations in South Africa.

Kagiso Tshirang, director of Katlegiso- ICT – the developer of the App, believes that the Bokone Bophirima Tour App is beneficially for tourist, explorers, adventurers as they will get everything in one place digitally and will also be able to do promotions for specials through advertising.

He added that the App has features such as attractions, tourism centers information, histories of the cities, news update, malls, and events listing all about the North West province tourism.

The version 1.0 of Bokone Bophirima Tour App is available to download for free on Apple Store, Google Play and Windows App Stores freely.

“Other versions are coming that will offer advanced interactive innovative for rural tourism”, says Tshirang.

He added that this mobile app is developed locally by young IT entrepreneurs passionate about turning local rural tourism into global space and ensuring that visitors to the North West province can also visit and find various tourism related services easily through mobile app and web-portal.


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