getTOD launches on-demand Uber for home services in Cape Town

getTOD (get Tasks On Demand) allows users to seamlessly connect with service providers who meet their particular need using location based tracking and supplier availability in real time. By Gugu Lourie

Users no longer need to waste time searching the internet or a telephone directory for a supplier to meet their needs, and they no longer need to wait for days to fit into that supplier’s diary.

“The application is the first of its kind and truly on-demand application, which allows its users to cut out the uncertainty and frustration that typically comes with finding a home repair supplier,” says co-founder Shannon Mackrill. “Our goal was to disrupt an industry that is fraught with irregular pricing, poor service levels and inconsistent quality in a way that sets new benchmarks for service delivery and pricing.”

The getTOD application is free for download and available for iPhone and Android.

The app works much as Uber does: a home owner logs their need on the application, sharing their location and requirements, and a service provider in the area who is ‘available’ on the service will accept the job. The home owner can track the service provider’s progress until they arrive at the job, and will effect payment through the application’s secure payment functionality via a pre-loaded credit card. getTOD works with a strict standardised price per hour per category.

The getTOD team offers an insured service to consumers and provides twenty four hour emergency services seven days a week. Background checks are performed on all service providers who are also screened before they join the application, to ensure they meet getTOD’s high standards. Standardised prices mean that home owners don’t get any unpleasant surprises when the time comes to pay the bill – and they are not charged any additional costs for using the service.

Clients are able to rate the service they receive from the supplier, giving other potential users a quick insight into the experience they can expect from the service provider that accepts their call for help through the application.

getTOD has launched today in the Cape Town Southern Suburbs, Atlantic Seaboard and Cape Town CBD, offering quick and simple access to approved electricians, plumbers and locksmiths that can service these areas. It will soon cover more areas in Cape Town, and will expand to other regions in South Africa during the year. The app has received substantial backing by a notable UK investor.


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