MTN Business to offer 20, 000 homes and business premises ultrafast broadband

MTN Business intends to provide ultrafast fibre broadband to 20, 000 homes and business premises in South Africa by end of 2016.

The enterprise business unit of MTN SA currently has 14, 000km of national and metro fibre across the country, which is a network connecting over 10,000 homes.

“We expect to connect between 18,000 to 20,000 homes and businesses by end of 2016, with our fibre network,” says Alpheus Mangale, Chief Enterprise Officer at MTN Business SA.

MTN Business aims to become the ICT partner of choice.

As part of its vision to be an ICT partner of choice, MTN Business aims to fuel SME growth in SA.

“Our goal is to equip SMEs to become catalysts of economic growth by providing them with tailored solutions and the tools that will enable them to optimise their operations, enhance efficiencies, save costs and help grow their businesses,” he noted.

MTN Business will support SMEs through a unique service channel that will offer tailored converged solutions. It will also aim to “industrialise” ICT offerings by creating low cost acquisition and leverage 3rd parties innovation in new products.

MTN also aims to become a key player in the provision of fibre-to-the-X – which is a generic term for fibre-to-the-home, fibre-to-the-premise and fibre-to-the-business.

“Our aspiration is to take a leading position in FTTx in South Africa, by delivering world class connectivity and digital propositions that enable and inspire businesses and households,” noted Mangale.

MTN’s acquisition of Smart Villages will add more than 30,000 premises to MTN Business’ network.

“MTN Business will continue to pursue aggressive acquisition of territory through building its own fibre, acquisitions and partnerships. We will also provide wholesale access to our active fibre network customers,” he added.

As part of MTN’s broader vision to deliver a bold new digital world to customers, MTN Business aspires to offer a superior client experience through a client-centric approach.

“We are developing a single MTN Business Portal to drive single touch engagement, which we are confident will result in a superior client experience,” concludes Mangale.



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