A new player is entering Africa’s online video race

Tammah has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its free online video platform in a bid to compete with other giants. By Gugu Lourie

The web-based online video platform wants to focus on independent African content and more.

The start-up is planning to launch in October 31, 2016 after it has completed its Kickstarter campaign to raise capital.

Tammah will compete directly with big players, who are trying to capture the African market for video services such as YouTube, Facebook, BuniTV, iReportersTV, Comeseesumting, NdaniTV, IrokoTV, ZeraTV, and other platforms like ChannelsTV, SaharaTV, The Africa Channel, Notjustok and Afrinolly.

But Tammah would distinguish itself by being a free online video platform providing independent African content.

“Telling a story, your story, to the world is important. Africa’s stereotypical story of perpetual strife needs to change. Tammah is a platform and community where creative Africans can showcase their creativity and offer a different narrative, a better narrative. The platform has an African focus but anyone can use it,” Nnamdi Ejiogu, a Nigerian born founder of Tammah, told Techfinancials.

Nnamdi Ejiogu
Nnamdi Ejiogu, a Nigerian born founder of Tammah. (Photo by Nnamdi Ejiogu)

He added that there are many platforms and tons of content, it’s getting harder and harder to cut through the clutter – to discover or be discovered.

“Tammah’s platform is focused – if you’re creating or consuming independent African content, it’s created for you.”

Ejiogu is born and raised in Nigeria and loves creative content. He used to be in finance but he left that to become a tech founder a few years ago. He cofounded an event-based mobile app start-up that closed in 2015.

He is an ex-banker with JP Morgan.

He said that Tammah is his latest and most important endeavour because the platform’s ultimate mission is to change public perception on a massive scale.

Tammah is a respelling of the word tama (tah-mah), the Senegalese name for the West African ‘talking drum’. A talking drum is any of various types of drums that by imitating the rhythm and the rise and fall of words in language, communicate ideas, stories and culture. The start-up said the tama embodies its vision for the tammah community.

Tammah will be differentiate its platform by focusing on African and Afro-Caribbean diaspora markets in Europe and North America.

The company is planning to launch its services first in the massive Nigerian market, which has 73 million Internet users. It is targeting to capture 10% or 7.3 million of that market, which is dominated by youngsters between the ages of 14-24 years (consisting of 34 million people).

It makes sense for Tammah to target the Nigerian market as their movie industry is valued at $3 billion and is regarded as the second largest by volume with 1, 800 movies/year, behind India and ahead of the US.

The logo of Tammah. (Photo by Nnamdi Ejiogu)


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