Toyota To Finally Enter All-Electric Car Market

Toyota To Finally Enter All-Electric Car Market As Engineers Have ‘Tamed’ Lithium-Ion Batteries, according to a report in Tech News.

The online tech news added that while rivals in the automobile industry such as Tesla Motors and Nissan Motor have started utilizing lithium-ion battery technology almost a decade ago to release all-electric car models, Toyota Motor has been holding back on doing so because of several concerns.

Lithium-ion batteries have recently been in the limelight due to the controversy of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. The explosions that have caused certain units of the smartphone to catch fire are caused by still undiscovered issues in the device’s battery, and this instability is one of the reasons why Toyota has not yet gone all-in on the technology.

Tech News said that is, until now. Toyota engineers claim to have “tamed” lithium-ion battery technology, which will now allow the company to include more power into electric-powered vehicles at no significant additional cost. The breakthrough is said to address Toyota’s concerns on the technology of safety, cost and size, and it will allow the company to finally launch its own all-electric vehicle.


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