XDSL Extends its Network into New Telco SA’s Midrand Data Centre

by Staff Writer

New Telco SA said on Thursday that its carrier neutral Midrand data centre has been selected by Internet service and premier fibre provider, XDSL, as a Point of Presence on their rapidly expanding network.

The data centre provides XDSL with the ideal platform to further extend their reach into the rapidly booming Midrand area, while enabling them to interconnect with multiple network operators and other service providers.

“Midrand is a fast-growing economic hub, with an increasing demand for fibre, data and Internet services,” says Eckart Zollner, head of business development at New Telco SA.

Eckart Zollner, Head of Business Development at New Telco SA
Eckart Zollner, Head of Business Development at New Telco SA

“Through our Midrand data centre, XDSL will be able to effectively and efficiently reach a multitude of capacity hungry customers, offering Layer 2 services and – as our datacentre is carrier neutral – a portal to a variety of Layer 3 and other services.”

Andre Bam, Chief Technical Officer at XDSL, says, “The location of this data centre is critical for us, as it enables us to cost effectively reach deeper into the Midrand market, without needing to lay kilometres of fibre. This means we can keep our costs and our prices down while extending our network. We already have several customers terminating into this PoP, with rapid growth expected over the next two months.”

It is not only about location, though, adds Zollner. “We are strategically positioning New Telco SA as a neutral data centre vendor for service providers to not only reach new markets, but also to bolster their own networks and service offerings. By providing an exchange point whereby service providers can interconnect, they can leverage off of each other’s networks and services, as well as the larger carrier’s networks and services, adding resiliency and redundancy on to their own networks.”

Zollner goes on to explain that the neutrality of the data centre means that service providers such as XDSL are able to open the door to seamlessly access new services to add to their portfolios, as well as new customers and markets on a countrywide, and even global, scale.

Bam adds that, over and above location and neutrality, the quality of the data centre is also an attractive feature, explaining that the high standards of access control, air conditioning, power supply and overall care for detail have all contributed to XDSL’s choice of New Telco as a partner for their network growth.


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