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Teljoy, South Africa’s company that started as a TV-rental business 48 years ago, has been transformed into an online retail store, according to The Sunday Times report.

Teljoy and its founder Theo Rutstein installed the very first TV set in South Africa in December 1974. Teljoy was the very first company in the country to supply TV sets commercially in South Africa.

The company was founded in 1969 by Rutstein who launched a campaign that gave people the opportunity to book a television for rent when TV eventually came to South Africa.

The group still offers rental and rent-to-own options.

It has added kitchen appliances, gaming, and computers to its product range.

“The business has really become an online retail store. We have no more branches and we don’t only rent out televisions,” Teljoy’s new CEO, Rami Sassen, told the Sunday Times.

“No one thought you could rent out furniture online, but furniture has been absolutely amazing. We’re looking at growing our range with garden furniture and office furniture.”

The company also offer on rental baby goods, such as car seats, changing stations and strollers, plus furniture including bedroom suites and couches, etc.

“We understand that we live in an age where people’s lives are volatile and people don’t always know what their circumstances will be in the future,” the company said on its website.

“Teljoy aims to give people the option of living the life they envision without having to go through stressful measures to do so. We promote healthy financial situations which result in stress-free living and above all; quality of life.”


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