Why Use VPN For Private Web-Browsing?

Keeping in mind all the 10 points, you might have realized the necessity & importance of a VPN Connection.

Why use VPN for private web-browsing?
Why use VPN for private web-browsing?
by Bram Jansen
There are various interesting things on the internet today that you can enjoy watching but you might not be aware that there is much more on the web that you actually see. To see the stuff you cannot see, VPN connection can be used.


1. Stream content that is blocked in your region

Not all the content from the major streaming media providers like Netflix & Hulu is allowed to be broadcasted outside USA reason being the copyright agreements. This implies that a large number of Movies & TV Shows which are accessible to those living in the USA cannot be watched by people living in other countries. Your IP address is to be blamed for this as it traces your current location.

A good VPN service can alter your device’s IP address making all the cool movies & TV Shows accessible to you. All you require to do is set up your TV or Mobile in order to use the VPN Connection. Just a bit of hassle & money is worth it if you are ready to explore & stream some exciting stuff out there.


2. Stay Anonymous while sharing P2P Files


Music and Cinema Associations like MPAA do not promote P2P file sharing. Due to some profit & legal issues, sharing music & music online is prohibited. They disguise as file sharers or spy on your ISP signal to catch you red-handed.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry if you have a VPN connection. Though it will lower your bandwidth by 30-40%, it will hide your shared content as well as the actual IP address making you incognito from the authorities. Around 15 dollars a month seems a decent amount to pay for a good VPN considering the surveillance protection & privacy that you get.


3. Stay assured when you use a Hotel or Public Wi-Fi

Our happiness has no bounds when we notice a public Wi-Fi that is free of cost. We immediately start surfing Facebook, Instagram & other social media without realizing that the networks are not safe. They are not encrypted & even a junior hacker can catch your signal using a plugin. These insecure networks should be a major reason for you to spend 10-20 dollars on a VPN connection.

When you connect to a public network followed by a personal VPN, all of the content that you browse or download will be untraceable by anyone. If you happen to travel too often, investing in a VPN is highly recommended for you.


4. Break off the Network Restrictions at School/Work


Being a student or an employee, life must be really hard for you if you have a restricted internet connection. Most of the companies & schools block the access to major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even mail services like Gmail. This can be really annoying when you have something really important to do.   

A VPN connection will help you jump out of this restriction & you will be able to access all the blocked websites while staying completely anonymous. Nobody will be able to track your history or downloads. We do not promote breaking the policies of your school/company but in case of some exceptions, a VPN connection may come handy.


5. Get Freedom from the Country’s Web Censorship & Content Surveillance


Similar to schools/companies, each country has its own policies some of which include restricting some oppressive content on the internet. Some common examples of such countries are Egypt, Afghanistan, China, Syria, Denmark etc.

If you happen to be a citizen of one of such countries, a VPN connection will be a great boon to you. You can browse & download the content of your choice without the government noticing your activity. Though VPN lowers the bandwidth to some extent, the freedom you enjoy is worth it.


6. Keep your VOIP Phone Calls Private


VOIP is relatively easy to hack & even intermediate hackers can watch your activity. If you are a regular Skype user, getting a VPN is a wise decision. Though the cost will be higher & the speed will be lower, your privacy is of utmost importance.


7. Prevent Search Engines from saving your searches


Search Engines like Google, Bing store all the searches that you do & are attached to your device’s IP address which helps them to customize the advertisements for you. Though it may seem to be of great use, there’s a great risk of embarrassment at an awkward place & time.

It is always better to get a VPN connection than letting the search engines to store some embarrassing keywords. Stay anonymous & stress-free with a good VPN & enjoy your privacy.


8. Watch your Favorite TV Shows from anywhere


There might be TV Shows that you love & cannot miss even a single episode. VPN might be useful to you while traveling out of your home country.

VPN enables you to customize the IP address so that you can browse, stream or download the content that is specifically for your home country.


9. Avoid Troubles because of your work


If your work includes a ton of research over sensitive topics like human trafficking, war or if you are an investigating officer or perhaps a celebrity, you should definitely get a secure VPN connection so that your privacy remains safe.


10. Your Belief towards Privacy & Freedom


Besides all of the above reasons, your belief that you should have the freedom to browse the internet without being traced by the government or other authorities is the primary reason for you to spend 10-15 dollar a month for a good VPN connection.

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Keeping in mind all the 10 points, you might have realized the necessity & importance of a VPN Connection.

Stay safe, secure, out of trouble & find the best VPN for yourself.

  • Bram Jansen is an online privacy expert. He’s been helping businesses secure their information online. He offers tips and advices to protect companies from common problems and to guarantee they are protecting their online and social media privacy. He’s part of vpnAlert, a trusted advisor on VPNs and Internet Privacy. You can visit their Twitter page. When not working, Bram indulges in kayaking and mountain climbing.


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