We are definitely in a golden age of technology. New developments are breaking through every day which allows us to make our lives even better. Here are some of the best developments we have seen in recent times which prove that technology is always getting better.

Circuit Boards

A printed circuit board, otherwise known as a PCB, helps to power most technologies we are familiar with. They have had to get ever more complicated to keep up with the demands we have placed on technology over the years. If you were to compare early printed circuit boards with even simple modern ones, you will find many differences and improvements.

You can even find differences in the construction of a printed circuit board. Modern ones are capable of fitting a wide variety of requirements. From flexibility to unusual shapes, the distance PCBs have come allows us to put them in all manner of devices.


Artificial intelligence used to be just a dream of science fiction but there have been many updates and advancements which bring us closer to a fully-fledged, human-like AI. A few years ago, an experiment by Facebook was shut down after the AIs used began to speak in their own shorthand. What’s more, AIs like Siri and Alexa are now a common part of many different people’s homes.

They are not always the most sophisticated but they are able to help us out with many things around our home. Their language comprehension is developing in leaps and bounds and in the future they will be able to do more for us than ever before.


There are many prosthetic limbs out there which people can nowadays mistake for natural ones. From high-performance models used by Paralympic athletes to ones for everyday usage, there are many out there which help to make things a little easier for many different people.

On top of this, the cost of prosthetic limbs has been brought down thanks to the invention of 3D printing. Before this, prostheses used to be very expensive and only available to a few. Now, models can be printed quickly and cheaply. This is particularly beneficial for children as it allows them to get new prostheses regularly as they grow; something which might have been impossible before cheap manufacture was an option.

Always Improving

These are just some of the technologies which are always improving. Even in the last twenty years, these three have come so far. There are still many improvements to be made and there are already scientists and technicians working to make them even better. Who knows, in another twenty years we might be living in a world which only existed previously in classic science fiction media.

Many of us might think that we don’t have many direct interactions with the technologies we have touched on here but they will still have an impact on our lives. With so much being learned with each technological development, we can’t wait to see what happens next.


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