Hlayisani Capital, Owned By Dr Khoza, Invest Millions in StartUps

Hlayisani focuses on investing in SMEs to deliver economic return and socio-economic impact. Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) and Manufacturing form the strategic focus of investments

Dr. Reuel Khoza
Dr. Reuel Khoza. Image source: sapeople.com

Hlayisani Capital, which is chaired by former Nedbank chair Reuel Khoza and a majority shareholder, continues to invest millions in growing South African startups.

The company, which also includes former FNB head Michael Jordaan as its investment committee chair, said in a statement it has so far invested R200 million to a number of enterprises in Southern Africa.

The firm started operating early this year and is majority-owned by the Khoza family.

The funds have been invested through Hlayisani Growth Fund which offers high-growth private equity investments in South Africa and Africa.

The fund specialises in growing SMEs into large, successful enterprises that operate across multiple territories, create jobs and generate export revenue domestically. Target businesses are those that demonstrate sustainability, growth and investment return while including in their strategic focus on the appropriate environmental, social and governance impact of the business.

“Big business in SA spends R100 billion on outsourced services offshore,” says Principal, Brett Commaille.

“This could be redirected into SA if we developed skills. There are many SMEs working to solve this problem – including those in the education and skills development space. This is just one of the investment opportunities for SME-focused funds to support and play a key role in driving GDP growth.”

Hlayisani focuses on investing in SMEs to deliver economic return and socio-economic impact. Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) and Manufacturing form the strategic focus of investments. ICT underpins the other investment focus areas as a key enabler and lever, while manufacturing is at the heart of technological change, driving industry growth and employment.

Looking forward, Group Chairman, Dr Reuel Khoza says, “The Hlayisani investment team has a strong record in private equity and venture finance with unique access to proprietary deal flow. We are uniquely experienced and placed to seize high-growth opportunities that are positioned for outstanding investment returns while delivering socially responsible and measurable impact.”

Investments made

Startup. Gajus / Shutterstock.com
  • GoMetro (Flx) – designs, sets up and operates scalable and flexible mobility platforms for transport operators around the world.
  • Snapplify – an educational content platform and the largest ebook aggregator in Africa.
  • Opennetworks – the first Google Premier Partner in Africa, with extensive experience in cloud computing and managed services, helping businesses move onto the cloud.
  • Sudonum – helps businesses around the world improve their ROI, understand the effectiveness of their marketing, and deliver better customer experience through call tracking and analytics.
  • Ikeja – A wireless network provider that uses bespoke solutions to provide internet connectivity to locations that are densely populated but underserved, such as the informal settlements of South Africa.
  • Lean Enterprise Accelerator Programmes (LEAP) – manages enterprise and supplier development for large businesses, providing business support, access to markets and shared resources for entrepreneurs.

Additional deals are in the pipeline and will be announced soon. Meet the team behind the pre-eminent African private equity investment company here.

“Collectively, the team has extensive experience and expertise as investors and operators. This, we believe will help to unlock value for our entrepreneurs and our investors.” says Michael Jordaan, Investment Committee Chairman.


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