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This is the era of technology. There are very few facets of human life in this post-modern age that haven’t been touched by technology in one way or the other. Entertainment, for instance, has been completely transformed by the interventions of various technologies. People can play games, bet, even watch movies online. 20 years ago, barely anyone could have predicted that millions of people would play Baccarat online every day from the comfort of their home. Yet, that is the wonder of technology.

But it’s not just Baccarat or simple betting games on sites like that have been affected by the rise of technology. The past couple of decades have seen the betting and gambling industry grow beyond what people thought possible and technology has played a huge role in it.

Here’s just a glimpse into the various ways in which technology has transformed and is still shaping the future of the gambling and betting industry.

Online Casinos: –

Casino online
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One of the, if not the, biggest disruptions to the gambling industry came with the inception of online casinos.

Since the very beginning of organized betting and gambling, casinos have been revered as places where people go to have the time of their lives and gamble to their heart’s content alongside fellow gamblers.

However, not everyone who has a passion for gambling can get the privilege of actually visiting casinos. Some can’t afford it while others live in countries where the very act of organized gambling is prohibited.

Such people would have had to spend their lives without ever getting to know what the experience of gambling in a casino was like if not for the conception of online casinos.

Online casinos offer a true gambling experience to all of their visitors on an online platform or website with others not require the gamble to travel at all whatsoever. While they aren’t as good as the real thing, they still satisfy the gambling desires of a very large chunk of the gambling population.

Online Sports-betting

Sports-betting might just be the single most popular form of betting out there. The rush of making a bet combined with the exhilaration of watching your favorites can make for a very serene experience.
Sports Betting

The advent of online betting has made this experience much more convenient that has ever been. While earlier, people could only make bets in their local circle, now it is not uncommon for people to bet on the same game while sitting on opposite sides of the world.

The size betting pools of online sports-betting far overshadow their offline counterparts in terms of both the number of participants and the money at stake.

In fact, online sports betting has potentially become the biggest industry in the gambling world due to the ever-increasing popularity of online sports betting.

Virtual Casinos

If online casinos made a version of the experience of going to a casino accessible to a massive number of people, then virtual casinos are the next step in that progression.

While online casinos are definitely very handy, they failed to completely capture the essence of a visit to a high-end casino.

Virtual casinos help rectify it by making gamblers actually feel like in a casino and can physically interact with all the amazing gambling boards and machines in it. Virtual casinos promise a real casino experience to people from the comfort of their home and while the technology isn’t fully ready yet, the prospect of the finalized version of virtual casinos is definitely an appealing one.

Enhanced Security

Gambling is about honor as much as it about fun. If the loser of a bet isn’t willing to pay up to the victor the whole experience gets completely ruined. This was a major concern even on online forms when it came to gambling as the loser could simply log off and not have to pay up.

Thanks to technologies like Blockchain however, this security flaw is getting fixed.

Blockchain. Photo by Pascal Bernardon on Unsplash

This goes beyond a cheating gambler however online casinos have often been accused of operating in bad faith towards their customers and altering the outcomes of various games in their favor using backdoors.

Fortunately, modern technologies, especially blockchain, make it nearly impossible for the online casino to pull anything like this, thereby increasing the trust people have in the system.

These are just some of the ways in which technology has radically affected and transformed the gambling industry. But technology isn’t done transforming with the gambling industry just yet.

More and more online casinos have started to implement some form of AI and machine learning algorithms into their betting games and it will definitely be interesting to see how these extremely advanced technologies further change the gambling industry in the coming years.


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