Vodacom Now Sells Made in Africa Mara Smartphones

The two planned smartphones for consumers to purchase are the Mara Z and Mara X.

mara phone
mara phone

Following the launch of Mara’s smartphone factory in October, Vodacom announces that Mara smartphones will be available from Vodacom participating outlets from today.

“Vodacom is proud to offer the ‘Made in Africa’ Mara smartphones to our customers, not only because it provides South Africans with the opportunity to connect to the things that matter most to them, but also because this supports our commitment to African innovation,” says Davide Tacchino, Terminals Managing Executive at Vodacom.

“Vodacom believes that the journey into the Fourth Industrial Revolution begins with investment that leads to growth. Our end-goal is to connect all South Africans to a better future. Being able to do so with devices made right here in our country, while simultaneously contributing to skills and job growth, is very exciting.”

The two planned smartphones for consumers to purchase are the Mara Z and Mara X.

The Mara Z is a high-performance device that uses the latest AndroidOne operating system and offers 3GB and 32GB storage, a 5.7” LCD Display, back and front 13 MP cameras, and a robust security system that keeps the phone clean and fast.

The Mara X is the “lite” version of the smartphone which specifically caters to those consumers who need to be frugal with their data spend. Operated by Android Go, the device hosts a “lighter” version of popular apps such as YouTube and Gmail combined with a 3500 mAh battery to enhance performance and user experience.

“The Mara Phones factory in South Africa employs over 200 people, 90% of which are previously skilled, unemployed youth and 60% of these employees are women,” adds Ashish J. Thakkar, CEO of Mara Phones.

“Mara phones offer an opportunity to create a strong mobile device sector in the country which would lead to economic growth & job creation. We are appreciative to Vodacom for their commitment and support to Mara Phones and look forward to building on this solid partnership from strength to strength”


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